In 2019, we formed FurgesonMalouf Law PLLC, bringing together over 80 years of experience in the practice of law. For the entirety of our careers, we have pursued justice from backgrounds that are as unique as they are varied. These diverse experiences allow us to resolve disputes and counsel clients with an informed perspective, a resourceful approach to complex legal matters, and the ability to convey strategies for resolving matters with clarity and focus. Our mission is to serve clients and the civil justice system with decorum, diligence, understanding, and judgment, whether it be as an advisor, counselor, mediator, arbitrator, advocate, or negotiator.

If you think that we can help you, please contact us. We are good listeners. If FurgesonMalouf can be of service, we will enter into an agreement describing the terms and conditions of the engagement.


  • Dispute Resolution

  • Mock Trial / Moot Court

  • Mass Tort and Personal Injury
  • MDL – Multidistrict Litigation
  • Settlement Trust Administration
  • Case Consultation


Royal Furgeson - Dallas Attorney

Royal Furgeson

Royal Furgeson served as a federal judge for 19 years, Dean of the UNT College of Law for 5 years and a practicing attorney for 24 years. Read Royal’s Bio >>

Marcellen Malouf - Dallas Texas Lawyer

Marcellene Malouf

Marcellene Malouf practiced personal injury law for 17 years before becoming the Executive Director of one of the largest asbestos trusts in the country. Read Marcellene’s Bio >>